artist statement

Artist statement

Textile is the core of my art. From handwoven textiles in Okinawa to the high-end Jacquard silk of Como, Italy, and many others in between. Each regional textile craft comes with many techniques, orders, and restrictions. Oftentimes seasons come into play. Working within these rules and restrictions led me to discover countless color palettes, the beauty of geometry, and the interplay of aesthetics and function. And those characteristics offer unlimited possibilities and challenges in my art making.

I have met many lovely, humble, and resilient people through their crafts as well. Their stories are women’s stories; each tells of the struggling life of a craftsperson, and sometimes reveals an important history of the region. I now use CAD tools to express my art with those discoveries (above) in mind. Occasionally I teach modern textile design to those indigenous craftspeople, and I never forget their generous contributions to society.

Hiroshi Jashiki